Harnessing the power of correct car seats

Car seats are being checked around Waiuku once again, but this time a slightly different approach is being taken, with Police, Auckland Transport and Plunket heading to Early Childhood centres instead of the road stops.

The car seat checkpoints have been well-received in the past, and this is another step to ensuring kids are safe in cars. On Tuesday 14 November, the organisations were out at Little Ants Childcare, Domain Street, Waiuku, encouraging safety. “It’s not about ticketing people, it’s about educating people,” said Constable Gabrielle Griffiths.

She said the area had seen many fatalities and while children weren’t involved in the accidents, it shows that the roads and drivers can be dangerous and children need to be safely restrained. “If you can talk to the kids about it, it helps with the adults,” she said. Anyone is invited to have their car seats checked, not just members of the early childhood centre. “It’s the first time we’ve particularly chosen a centre,” she said. “It’s about education and gives us the opportunity to speak to parents. Car seats can be complicated, so if there’s any doubt, get it checked.”

Police also brought along a car (pictured) that had been involved in an accident after the driver crashed into a tree. The powerful display was a good talking point for Police and a reminder that seatbelts and correctly installed car seats save lives.

The next car seat checks will be Tuesday 21 November, 7am to 9.30am at Lollipops Educare, 82 Queen Street, Waiuku and on 28 November at First Steps, 66 King Street, Waiuku.

Gabrielle Griffiths, Andy Heath, David Tuson, Jo Murray and Graham Mako were at Little Ants in Waiuku on Tuesday 14 November checking car seats.

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