Hard2Breathe campaign launched



The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation yesterday launched an energetic social media campaign called Hard2Breathe, which will run throughout the month of February.

The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage people to talk about respiratory disease such as asthma, especially amongst teenagers and children.
“Despite New Zealand having one of the highest rates of respiratory disease in the world, no one talks about it,” says Asthma and Respiratory Foundation Chief Executive, John Wills.
“One in six kiwis are affected, costing the country roughly $5.5 billion per annum. We hope that interactive campaigns like Hard2Breathe will get people talking and seeing how common it is.”
Hard2Breathe will encourage people to share a short video of themselves blowing up a balloon and delivering a brief message about respiratory illness.
The videos can be filmed using any filming device, including smartphones, and uploaded on the Hard2Breathe campaign site as well as on Facebook, using the hashtag #hard2breathe.
Balloons have been chosen as the campaign symbol, as people with respiratory disease have restricted airways which make a seemingly simple task like blowing up a balloon a struggle for them.
People of all ages are encouraged to be as creative as possible with their videos, following the instructions on the Hard2Breathe campaign site. There will also be giveaways for outstanding videos each week. For more information, visit www.asthmafoundation.org.nz

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