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My brother in law Darren from Australia with his first lure caught fish – a nice fat kahawai.

My brother in law Darren from Australia with his first lure caught fish – a nice fat kahawai.

It’s time to be with family and friends and what better way is there than to treat them to a day out fishing. Last month I took my workmate Ted and his son Harry out for an evening of fishing on the harbour.

I had been having some great success up until then but on the night we didn’t catch much, only two just legal snapper and an undersized kingfish. We did get some easy scallops though and despite the rain falling in bucket loads, we had a great time.
My wife’s brother and his partner recently visited from Australia, giving me a perfect excuse to go fishing. We had one opportunity to get out but the wind picked up to the point where the Papakura channel was starting to get scary and we were forced to fish in the shelter of Sergeants Bay. I guess it was proof that every cloud has a silver lining because we got a nice haul of two kahawai, seven gurnard and a 34cm snapper. As we were heading home some feeding terns suggested kahawai were around so we spent an enjoyable half hour casting lures and we came home with 18 fish, making for a very enjoyable three hours on the water. A couple of days earlier we had been lucky enough to see a pod of four orca swim past Te Toro boat ramp, so our Aussie friends had a great Manukau harbour experience!
While fishing can be hard over the Christmas break, my advice is to try a couple of tried and true spots. If they don’t work then a totally random spot may well produce the goods. That technique has turned many, otherwise fishless days, into successful ones on our boat.
Tuna are starting to show up over the coast and snapper will still be around, with any depth worth exploring and it won’t be long until marlin show up.
I am now half way through my first term as president of Counties Sport Fishing Club and I can see what a great season lies ahead of us due to the good work from our hard working team. The competition committees have done a fantastic job preparing for the hugely popular One Base and Fish ‘n Chicks tournaments. If you are fishing them I wish you luck, if you aren’t you don’t know what you’re missing! We did make a late change to the Fish ‘n Chicks date, it is now on March 5.
If you want to know what our club is all about I invite you to our next club
meeting at Te Toro boat ramp on January 27. We will be opening up the Green Shed at 6.00pm and anyone is welcome.
Until then stay safe on the water and take care. Smudge

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