Golf Club frustrated over vandalism

Vandals have caused thousands of dollars of damage at the Waiuku Golf and Squash Club, including breaking their toilet facilities.

The team at the Waiuku Golf and Squash Club are at the end of their tether over the constant vandalism of their facilities, and are now asking the community to help.

 Over the last couple of months, their buildings have been tagged, the greens have been vandalised and property has been stolen or destroyed.
“It is completely, and utterly pointless. They are costing us thousands of dollars in damages. We have even had members chase people off who think they can help themselves to our flag poles,” said Club Manager, Dana Laing
Dana says that they have contacted the Police and provided reports, as well as images of the damages, but they now encouraging the community to come forward with information.
“There is no pattern to this behaviour. It happens over the weekend, the evening or during the day. We are asking for the community to come forward with any information and give it to the Police. They have no respect for us and our community, and need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Dana.
Anyone who has information on the vandalism is encouraged to contact the Waiuku Police Station on 09-236 5020, or can do so anonymously through Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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