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Have your SayI was one of the 200 plus that attended the meeting with developers on site of the proposed site of the 800 houses proposed on a “dead end road” putting a minimum of 1600 extra cars on what is a country lane with many twists and turns, it was explained to us by the project manager that we spoke to that there was no allocation to change the road, we read where roads are not the responsibility of government but local council, what a joke that will be.
Reading your article on the meeting they announced that 90% of people spoken to would use a ferry service to Onehunga, who are the 90%? Is it 90% of 10? Speaking to our developer person (lip service) most of the residents would work local, can someone tell me the location of these 3000 jobs, schools they had no idea, public transport no idea, yet this is all rubber stamped by Nick Smith.
This whole scheme is a political beat up to show the government is doing something about Auckland’s problem; sorry we do not live in Auckland we purchased our houses in Glenbrook, if I was to ask 90% of Aucklander’s where Waiuku is they would not even know which island, North or South. Sorry but the end of Glenbrook beach road is not a place to build 800 houses.
Dave (Letter edited)

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