Kingseat Road to be closed for a month

On Monday 9 October, it was confirmed by Police, that a section of Kingseat Road has been closed after a large hole formed, due to rainfall.

“The road will be closed between Glenbrook Rd and Pearson Rd for the foreseeable future as engineers assess the hole, which is approximately 2m x 2m in size,” they said.

Mark Hannan, spokesperson for Auckland Transport said temporary repairs were carried out on the culvert recently to repair the damage caused by storms earlier in the year.

“The existing pipe is approximately three to four metres deep. During the extreme flows caused by the winter storms the foundation material under the pipe was eroded away causing the pipe to subside and collapse. AT has carried out no other work on the culvert since AT was formed in 2010.”

“The pipe will now be replaced and the road reinstated. This was the original plan for the road when temporary repairs were carried out, however the temporary repairs have not lasted as long as originally thought,” Mark said.

It will take approximately one month to replace the pipe. The road will be reinstated with the same type of surface as the existing road. The road will be closed for this work.

“AT has carried extensive inspections around the road network to determine the damage caused by the extreme weather earlier this year. Repairs are currently under way,” he says.

Franklin Local Board member Alan Cole confirmed that the original repair work was only temporary and they had been waiting for water levels to drop to replace the culvert under the road.

“The storm damage this autumn and winter in the Franklin local board area is over $3.6million to date,” he said.

A diversion, via Pearson Road has been put in place for motorists to use.

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