Getting from A to B is becoming dearer

Auckland Transport have advised that bus, ferry and train fares will be changing from 11 February 2018.
Colin Homan, Group Manager, AT Development says they have a target to recover 50 percent of the cost of public transport from fares, but this is currently at 46.2 percent.
Not all fares are going up. There are a few that are even going down, but not many. We asked local residents what the fare changes mean for them.
Janine felt fares were already too expensive. “On a school holiday outing from Papakura to Parnell, one adult and two children cost $19 one way. I can’t believe they’re thinking of increasing an already massively over priced service. Disgraceful.”
Anna said. “I don’t have an issue with the fare increases. I get the train from Pukekohe to Puhinui most days and I think it’s cheap and nicer than sitting in traffic.”
 EmZ from Waiuku had this to say. “I go from Waiuku to Britomart every day. It takes about two hours each way. The only thing that concerns me about the rise is that they just changed the fare structure and now they’re upping most fares again… but it’s still better than taking a car on the southern motorway!”
As a previous CBD car commuter, I always felt that it wasn’t just the time it took to reach the city that felt disheartening. It was the frustration of sitting there in a snake line of vehicles, barely moving, knowing that my time was completely wasted. I hadn’t enjoyed it. I hadn’t achieved anything from it. My time was just gone, stolen almost.
With concerns mounting over the ever increasing traffic hitting our motorways, which can only get worse with the housing developments that are planned, it would seem the solution lies with public transport. However the current offering doesn’t appear to be hitting the mark, otherwise more commuters would use it. Wouldn’t they? Send us your thoughts:
Full details of the fare changes can be viewed at

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