Georgia crowned supreme winner

Georgia Doncaster-Robbie is crowned Supreme Winner at the Miss Five Crowns pageant.

Georgia Doncaster-Robbie has taken out the supreme title of the Miss Five Crowns pageant.

The 21 year old, originally from Waiuku, spent the year being part of the pageant that empowers and motivates women from all over the world, while supporting a charity.

“It’s really cool, it’s different to other pageants,” she said. “There is a huge focus on empowerment, and also on supporting others.” She said it was an amazing experience, and one that has made her lifelong friends. “We call each other pageant sisters, we’ve become so close in the last year.”

Georgia has been involved in pageants for a long time, but was encouraged to enter Miss Five Crowns after her friend, who was a winner in the 2016 competition, brought up the idea. “She spoke to me about it, and said I should apply so I did.” Next was an interview with the organisers and a phone call telling her that her application was successful. “I was super-excited when I got the call.”

The hard work began in April this year, with rehearsals, meetings, all leading up to the finals night. She got to meet the 19 other girls who were also chosen for the pageant. “It was so amazing,” Georgia said. “We’ve done heaps of stuff together throughout the year.”

The pageant also worked closely with Youthline, the charity that they were supporting this year. “I raised $750 for Youthline. That final night was just to appreciate them and the hard work they do for New Zealand.”

She said the atmosphere on the finals night was amazing. “It was a roller coaster of emotion. I was nervous and excited. The girls all had each others’ backs and we all enjoyed it. We got to meet the judges before hand, so that was a nice touch—in other pageants they just judge you from on stage.”

Georgia said taking home the supreme winner title was a definite highlight. “Two of my favourite moments from the pageant were how awesome and supportive the girls onstage were. They were constantly encouraging, not just me, but everyone. Also on the night I had the loudest support crew in the audience, so that helped me too.”

Georgia is delighted with her success, and from here, she and the four other crowned winners will take part in international pageants in the next 12 months.


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