Gas for new builds

Gas can be the most cost-effective energy option for most new build households, according to a report published on the Gas Industry company website. The Consumer Energy Options report evaluates the different fuels and technologies for providing water, space and heating.
The report says gas is the most cost-effective hot water option for most new builds because the low capital cost of instant gas hot water outweighs the relatively higher running costs compared with hot water heat pumps or solar water heating. The report says gas is also the best heating option if a household uses gas for water heating as well.
“In such cases where it is used for both water and space heating the gas heating option becomes cheaper than the equivalent heat pump option for new build situations,” the report states.
Concept’s report also states that the carbon footprint of gas-fired space and water heating options is broadly similar to heat pump heating options.
Most gas is burned in power stations to create electricity, but using it directly in the home for water and space heating and cooking is much more energy efficient and cleaner burning.

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