G for ‘Good Life’



MeganYou are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Enjoying life should be a priority, but everyday worries often get in the way.
With all of life’s daily pressures and demands these days, life is just passing us by.
Making time for yourself and your interests is so important for your wellbeing and helps to buffer the effects of stress.
Think about reviving a past hobby, enjoying a new social activity, even just take some time to put thought into what you actually like doing outside of work and everyday chores. It’s very easy to forget in the busyness!
The key is to reawaken your enthusiasm and discover how seizing opportunities with both hands increases energy and new found motivation while reducing lots of feelings of overwhelm and tension.
Grown up responsibilities can sometimes feel like they squeeze the fun out of life.
Simple adjustments could make a huge difference.
For one week, analyse what you do in a single day, sometimes it just pays to stop and think “why am I actually doing this?”
This will help to identify the elements of your life that are restricting your enjoyment.

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