Fun garden projects for the school holidays

National Gardening Week returns 6th-13th October and it is the perfect time to educate children about the joy of gardening and all the fun things to do. 

The Week aims to foster a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature. 

Gardener and author, Sarah O’Neil has shared some of her favourite activities from her book ‘Play in the Garden’ (New Holland) – a collection of fun projects for kids to enjoy outdoors.  PDFs attached for your use and high res pics available upon request.

•         Medieval Bird Scarers 

•         Growing peanuts

•         Cooking in Grass

To celebrate National Gardening Week, Yates is giving away free vegie seeds between 1st and 13th October.  Just register online during this time to receive your packet of seeds.

So plant some vegies, begin a bee friendly garden (blue, purple and yellow flowering plants), plant microgreens for the windowsill, start a compost bin or worm bin and turn food scraps into valuable plant food, lend a hand in your local community garden, help out a neighbour in need or visit a public garden or park and just enjoy the green space!

PLAY IN THE GARDEN Cooking in Grass

PLAY IN THE GARDEN Medieval Bird Scarer


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