Fuel hike coming for Aucklanders

The Government released its 10-year Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS) last week. Safety is the top priority, followed by access, the environment and value for money.

The GPS helps to direct money from petrol taxes and road user chargers from the National Land Transport Fund into things the government wants to achieve for New Zealand’s transport network.

Aucklander’s might be feeling the pinch though, as the draft suggests a fuel tax increase between nine and 12 cents over the next three years. For Aucklander’s this would come on top of the proposed regional tax, meaning residents could pay up to 22 cents extra on their fuel.

However, the increase on excise tax would be three to four cents per litre, each year over the next three years.

Minister for Transport Phil Twyford said, “Instead of hand-picked, low-value, and very expensive urban motorway projects, this Government will double the spending on regional road improvements over the next three years. Half of all vehicle journeys are on local roads, and yet less than only five per cent of the National Land Transport Programme has been spent on improving them.”

“The funding increase will go toward a 42% increase in spending on local road improvements, a 96% increase in spending on regional roads and a 22% increase in local road maintenance along with an 81% increase in road safety and demand management,” Minister Twyford said.
Those who are interested in the GPS can submit on the plan from now until Wednesday 2 May.

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