Franklin Water a murky subject

The petition for clean water in Waiuku is continuing to gain momentum. More than 2300 people have now signed the petition, which has led to other residents in the area voicing their concerns on the quality of water as well.
Here is what the community says:
L. Budden: My family and I moved to Waiuku just over a year ago and have never been more disgusted by the water that comes out of our taps. The amount of issues we have had with our appliances that use the water; jug, dishwasher, washing machine etc, not to mention the residue left on our shower glass and cars after washing, is horrendous. I refuse to let anyone in our family drink the water from the tap because of this. Not being able to drink water? It’s absolutely disgusting.
T. Thompson: I believe that Waiuku water is horrible and that we should be able to drink our water without spending hundreds for it to be filtered at our homes.
L. Johnson:  Paying too much for undrinkable water and then paying again for water filters. This is totally unacceptable.
A. Crooke: We have spent thousands on water filters for drinking, and special treatments on shower doors yet we still have major lime build up. Kettle always has floaty bits in it. Really fed up with sub-standard water.
D. Hedley: The water in Waiuku needs to be sorted. Been crap for way too long.
L. Brown: Waiuku water is disgusting. It damages our things costing even more money. We’ve been here three years now and will be on our fourth jug very soon. Shower doors get stained, stainless steel also. Washing machine plays up and so does the dishwasher. If it’s damaging these things, then what’s it doing to us?
S. Timbers: Our water is barely drinkable. We have been through so many jugs, pots and pans, utensils due to the limescale and calcium. The damage is shocking and if this is what the water is doing to them, how is it affecting our health? We shouldn’t be expected to buy filters, to have a better water supply. Waiuku is a lovely community with people who care about each other, help each other in times of need and this petition is just the start.
N. Sutton: We should be able to drink water from the tap without worrying what it’s doing to our insides. In just six months, our brand new dishwasher looks more like it’s ten years old. The water HAS to improve!
At the time of print, Watercare had not returned for comment, but we will continue to contact them.

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