Franklin Pakeke Lions Club closes

It has been a fabulous run for the Franklin Pakeke Lions Club, but after 34 years of service to the Franklin and wider community, they closed their doors at the end of June this year.
While membership numbers were strong, too many restrictions imposed by age and physical limitations led to a situation where there were insufficient able-bodied members available to undertake physical projects, such as growing and selling Christmas trees, the Club’s major fundraiser.
The Club is proud that it has been able to contribute financially to a wide range of local and national charities and individuals in need.
Most years the financial grants have totalled between $20,000 and $25,000. Members have also provided many hours of their time helping with street collections for various charities, assisting with the annual Pukekohe Christmas Parade, serving refreshments for the Blood Service on collection days, assisting the Pukekohe Stroke Club at their weekly meetings, and delivering library books to housebound residents for the Franklin Library.
The Christmas Tree project has been taken over by the Pukekohe Lions Club.
Most of the members will be keeping in touch socially, and have formed the Pakeke Social Club. A monthly luncheon and other social events will provide an opportunity to maintain the strong friendships that have developed over the years. There will also be an opportunity to become involved in appropriate community projects from time to time.

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