Franklin Local Board Response

That work was initiated after requests from the surf club to try and make the safe area safer as what had been in place for years was not working.
With the new permit system which has had a significant uptake and the ability now for the police, who are really putting in an effort down at the beach, the club requested that we do something to create an access point for vehicles that did not take vehicles directly into the middle of the safe zone as the one you have mentioned did.
So as far as I am aware, another access point south of the existing one was widened and the rocks placed to restrict vehicle access into the safe zone.
Signs were erected directing people to either the southern access or the one to the north.
Whilst you obviously don’t see any sense in this, members of the surf club who are there every day dealing with issues, as well as Council staff did. I too see it as a pragmatic and sensible attempt to make the beach safer. Without fencing off the safe zone, we are always going to reliant on people wanting to drive on the beach to do so safely and following the instructions that are displayed.
Andy Baker

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