Franklin folk, please foster me

Awwww. These cute pics make me want to evict the kids and use the room to house these wee lovelies instead! 

They probably eat less than my ravenous children anyway… Please let me introduce you to Gingernut the miniature pony, John the piggy, and Emma the goat! 

The SPCA are seeking some fabulous foster families for the many gorgeous, but disadvantaged, farm animals like these three that are in their care. Their own farm is overflowing and they need the help of some wonderful Franklin folk. “Our foster parents are volunteers and provide a temporary home for animals to help them recover from surgery, give them medicine for an illness, or work with them to improve their behaviour. Typically our foster parents look after an animal for a few weeks to a few months (sometimes longer). It depends on how much recovery time each animal needs,” advises the SPCA spokesperson. 

ALL THE COSTS ARE COVERED. The SPCA supplies the food, vet treatment and support, all you need to do is open your home and hearts. “We need homes available for animals in need, particularly those rescued by SPCA Inspectors from situations of abuse or neglect. Ideally, we’re looking for at least ten foster families within travelling distance of our Mangere centre. They would need to have adequate space on a farm or lifestyle block, with good fencing and shelter,” adds the SPCA. 

Horses, goats, chickens, pigs – you name it, they’ve got it. So, if you’d love to help some needy creatures, and have some space to spare, visit the “how you can help” page at and click on volunteer.  


























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