For sale?

Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance committee will be meeting on Tuesday 17 April to discuss the future of council-owned buildings, including the Pukekohe service centre at 82 Manukau Road.

Seven buildings and their land will be considered for sale. Councillor Ross Clow, Chair of the Finance and Performance committee, says that should the sale be approved, Aucklanders will still be able to interact with the council in their local areas.

“Local communities are top of mind when we consider what to do with our property across Auckland. Even as we consider selling seven properties, we are ensuring that all service centres remain open and the strong connection between the council and its local communities remains.

This proposal is about making the council more efficient, more effective and more in touch with our community.”
In Pukekohe the potential sale of the property will mean the location of the local services will change. “Any local board office or customer service centre that could be affected by the sale of any of these buildings will be relocated within the area, in consultation with the relevant local board,” said Mr Clow. “We expect to reduce our operational costs of running buildings we no longer occupy as we move to more modern and efficient workplaces.”

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