Footpaths pave the way for success

Waiuku’s pavers are looking fabulous and with only 100m2 to go, they’re just a few weeks away from being finished.

The project, which has been in the pipeline for several years, has seen a brightening of the town centre. While other towns in Franklin and the North Waikato may have to battle with slippery tiles, the Waiuku pavers are a unique, recycled porcelain based material, which is very absorbent.

“They absorb a lot of moisture and materials, and are easier to clean,” said town manager and Franklin Local Board member Sharlene Druyven. “They’re fit for purpose.”
She said it has been great being part of the process and is looking forward to having the remaining pavers on Kitchener Road completed.

The pavers were changed due to the cost to clean up the old tiles being too high for the allocated budget.


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