Flu Vaccines at Unichem Waiuku



From the 1st April 2017 Pharmacist Vaccinators will be able to offer free vaccinations to people who are 65 years and older and pregnant women with the funded INFLUVAC® Trivalent Influenza Vaccine.
We have TWO fully trained and qualified Pharmacist Vaccinators who will be offering vaccinations from April 2017. We can now offer the government funded vaccine to ALL patients over 65 and ALL pregnant women FREE.
We will also be offering Fluquadri, the ONLY cover for 4 strains of the Flu. This is exclusive to Pharmacy.
We have two vaccines available this year:
1. Influvac, the Trivalent (covers 3 different flu strains) flu vaccine at $28 per dose, which will be the funded vaccine for eligible people (over 65 and pregnant women), and can be given to both funded and non-funded people.
2. Fluquadri, the Quadrivalent (covers 4 different flu strains) EXCLUSIVE TO PHARMACY flu vaccine at $35 per dose, and please note, Fluquadri is not funded. You can still choose to have this vaccine over the funded one to protect yourself from 4 strains if you choose to pay.
Keep healthy and Safe! Gary Parker
Waiuku Unichem – 40 Queen Street Waiuku – 09 235 9307

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