Flavours worth talking about

I’m a lover of ‘tasty’. My food expectations are high on the taste front. I can’t be bothered with bland boring basics—life is too short, give me a serving of delicious tastiness please!
So it was at Yakety Yak, one of Pukekohe’s thriving main street cafés. I was treating my Mum to a brunchy lunch to say thanks for all that she does for our family and I’d heard good things about this place. A first glance at the menu showed buckets of choice, and much of it promising to be tasty with chilli, lime, ginger and herbs featuring in the savoury dishes, and rhubarb and citrus shining in the sweet treats. But first, a quencher.

Epic Banoffee Shake? Oh yes please. It arrived piled high with a delectable toffee sauce, dried banana chips, hunks of ice cream and shards of cookies. Tasty! Mum went for a choc hit with the Blended Iced Chocolate. I find most iced chocolates mighty disappointing. Most involve chocolate powder, milk and ice—boring. Not at Yakety Yak. This quencher arrived packed with creamy chocolatiness, topped with cookie crumbs in a vintage mug. We were off to a great start.

After spending far too much time deciding on our dishes, we took the plunge and ordered the Mojo Taco for me and the El Benedicto with Bacon for Mum. As Yakety Yak make their own Boston Beans, we popped a side of those on the list too.

When our dishes arrived, my eyes went to their happy place. The colours were popping. You could tell by the way the chef had positioned each item on the plate, that they’d done it with care and purpose. The flavours wafting up from my tacos smelt divine, and the smack of glowing green salsa verde on Mum’s El Benedicto gave me temporary food envy.

Crispy chicken, soft tacos and a fresh corn and cos slaw, combined with a house made mayo to give my Mojo Tacos just the right kick. Excellent to have a side of chilli and lime salt included for customising spice to suit taste buds. I tried to eat “nicely” with my first taco, but then abandoned the cutlery for my second, favouring folding everything up into that delicious soft taco and smooshing it into my gob. Deliciously tasty!

A dip into the Boston Beans gave us a smoky savoury hit, and even though Mum’s palette is a little less adventurous than mine, the blend of familiar eggs bene items in her El Benedicto, revved up with touches of jalepeno in the hash brown, and chipotle in the hollandaise, was just the right mix to stretch her taste buds. On hearing her say, “I’ll have to bring Dad here!” I knew we’d hit a home run.

Yakety Yak has flavours worth talking about. Make a visit. You could even take your Dad.


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