First place for local body builder



Waiuku College teacher Tony Nelson placed first at the INBA federations Natural Bodybuilding competition, in the Masters 50+ category, in May. 
When Tony arrived in New Zealand he weighed 200 kilograms. He has lost 114kgs, with a stage weight of 86.5% and 11% body fat.
His goal for 2017 was to come into the competition leaner with more muscle mass than in prior years. 
During off-season, Tony’s nutritionist, Karen McGough, keeps a very close eye on his measurements to ensure his body fat stays in the 12-14% range.
His coach Jamie Baker keeps him on a strength-training program year round developing his physique further, which offsets the damage he did to his body after decades of overeating.
Tony is deeply appreciative of the community of Waiuku. The words of encouragement keeps him on track to further meet his goals. His support system includes Waiuku College, parents, students, nutritionist and coach. 

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