Feedback on wandering stock

Last week we followed up on the story of wandering livestock that were killed after a car ploughed into them on Karaka Road. Six were killed. Here is feedback we received on the story, with suggestions of what could be done to combat this issue on our rural roads. What are your thoughts?
How fast are you going to plow into a bunch of cows killing six of them? Considerably faster than 100kph.
Tractors and wandering livestock have been the case for decades in this country.
More traffic, more stock and more tractors all on the same type of roads that were around 50 years ago would suggest a collaborative movement is needed.
While there are still livestock, speeds should be reduced to 80, tougher penalties or at least more patrolling by police on these high traffic areas.
No tractors on main arterial roads between 4am and 9am and 5pm to 7pm. Slow drivers are treated same as speeding drivers. 15kph under or over the designated 80 speed limit is an automatic 50 points lost and $500 fine.
– SL.


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