Feedback on Judder Bars in Hamilton Drive

After sharing our articles on the call for judder bar installation in Hamilton Drive last week, the Post Newspaper received a variety of responses on the matter. This was following an incident where two young girls were bowled by a driver who has since been charged with reckless driving. Here is what a few of our readers had to say.
I share the fence with the neighbour that had the car slid across the lawn last week and hit the two little girls.  There have been several attempts to mitigate speed in Hamilton Estates.  The latest was last year on the 6th of September.   I was not able to attend but Jill Naysmith from the Franklin Local Board and Sgt  Graeme Wood attended.  I believe there was a representative from Auckland Transport but I am not positive. The outcome of the meeting was to imply that we did not have a speed problem.

Some food for thought:

1)      From the Local Area Traffic Management Guidelines (Auckland transport) page three  Selection Criteria (for traffic management Devices)

a.      Within a speed zone of 50kph or less

b.      That ideally have adjacent arterial routes to absorb diverted traffic

c.      That have a recorded accident/incident history over a five year period where speed has been identified as a potential factor and

d.      That have a known speeding problem


It would seem to me that Hamilton Estates qualifies under all factors except B and that is due to the fact that we have a local problem, not a drive through “shortcut” type problem

2)      A speed camera was set up for a survey in March of 2015.  It was set up approximately 100m west of Huia on Hamilton road.  This is an odd place to put it as traffic slowing to turn
on Huia will skew the results.  That said:

a.      During the survey period of 7 days 31.5% of the cars passing the camera (both directions were speeding)

b.      During the week 3 cars exceeded 90km/hr ( this would have resulted in a $400 fine and a 28 day license suspension)

c.      During the week 13 exceeded 80 km/hr

d.      During the week 33 exceeded 70  km/hr


Auckland Traffic use the 85 percentile speed of 52.9 km/hr to “prove” that our roads are safe.  Given that a significant number of cars in the survey would have been preparing to turn onto Huia and thus slowing ( more than 1500 cars out of the 10000 total)
the “average” is meaningless.  Also the average is not likely to  kill someone but rather the excessive speed which has been proven with Auckland Transport’s own camera.

When Traffic management measures were last requested crash data was used to support the fact that no measures were necessary.  I would be very interested to know the frequency of calls to please regarding dangerous driving (this was not included in the report). As residents we appreciate the new signage and the new lines indicating the centre.

We are asking for a comprehensive plan.  This could include judder bars, chicanes, increased police presence with Cameras, and any other options that have been seen to work elsewhere.

This is our neighbourhood, these are our kids (not mine actually) and the neighbourhood has had enough.  We cannot help but feel that the social economic demographic of the area is affecting the council’s decision making.
T Martin, Waiuku 

I live on Hamilton Drive.  The biggest threat to pedestrians and property is speed. The car that bowled those two girls was speeding.

The speed at which some cars are driven—it is not a race track.  Hamilton Drive is a wide, deceptive road with large areas of grass verge, especially at the top by the Hamilton Trust. We’ve had vehicles doing wheelies on this area in the past.

If Judder bars were installed across the road the next thing needed would be safety barriers, as those who commit speed would then cross the footpath and grass verge to avoid the judder bars.
There is a playground in the park by the Hamilton Estate Community Hall, a popular playground for children. A pedestrian crossing in the area would be handy for safer crossing of the road, but would it be? 35km signs were erected in two areas of the road. That’s a laugh! Who does 35ks? ‘SLOW DOWN – PEDESTRIANS’ might have been a better option.
Police are on hand to enforce the law. They can’t be everywhere 24/7. Cars don’t speed—drivers do! Come on drivers, be responsible. Slow down before it’s too late.
M Kitcher, Waiuku  

Just a couple of comments on the subject of speeding drivers – it was our front lawn that the kids finished up on. I am not trying to get on the bandwagon so to speak, but this is a problem that isn’t just isolated to Hamilton Drive or Matai Street. It is everywhere – down here, around town and even in some of the country areas.
Everyone would like judder bars on their area, but who would have priority? Do we saturate the whole town with them?
The Police can’t be everywhere at once, so can’t please everyone – give them more so that if they catch the offenders, they can get rid of their vehicles.
Woody is right – the responsibility lies with the driver, and it isn’t always young people either.
B Close, Waiuku

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