Feedback: New World supermarket

Last week we asked for your feedback on the proposed New World for Paerata Road, Pukekohe. Here is what our readers had to say:
Great news. We are in full support of a new world supermarket in Pukekohe. – K Spratt
You wanted people to email their thoughts of the new “New World” that’s planned for Paerata-Pukekohe.
I really don’t see the need for another supermarket in Pukekohe.
They already have two Countdowns, one Pak N Save, and down the bottom of Manukau Road there is Fresh & Save.
How many more supermarkets does Pukekohe need?
Waiuku have New World, and a Super Value which is overpriced. Foodstuffs would be much better to build a Pak N Save in Waiuku. Waiuku covers a very wide area. – C Wright

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