F for Family Time



MeganHOW OFTEN HAVE YOU PUT OFF HAVING FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY because you don’t have the time?
Have you ever complained you were too tired to get together or to attend a family social event, but found, having made the effort, that it boosted your energy and sense of happiness?
A few suggestions for creating more ‘relationship time’ with your partner and your family:
*Book ‘couple time’. It may seem like an unnecessary formality, but if you put a date in your diary to be together, it means you can’t book that time for anything else. If another demand crops up, you’ll have a genuine reason for saying, “I’m sorry, but I’m already booked for something at that time.” Don’t cancel for anything except a true emergency. How important is ‘couple time’ to you? Can’t complain things are going wrong if you don’t make the time for each other.
*Try to eat together as a family. Make the rule to sit at the table together rather than eating on your laps in front of TV. This may not be possible every day or evening, but aim for at least one day, or evening, a week. One of the best times to talk is when you’re having a meal together round a table.
*Don’t be a perfectionist. When you’re very busy, it’s better to let your standards slip rather than your relationships. Sometimes family time requires just a small amount of your time when things are crazy and everything’s rushed.
*Enlist your children’s help with household chores, ( I can hear you parents laughing…yeah right!) Children and teens (majority of them anyway) actually enjoy working alongside you – helping to prepare food, for instance, or tidying up around the house with you.
In fact, doing work together with any family member or friend is a great way to draw closer in a natural way.

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