Erosion measures planned for the Port

A monitoring programme, safe access to the beach and Waikato District Council discussions about the final recommendations, to be held in November, are among immediate responses to the situation in Port Waikato.

Janine Baalbergen

As erosion continues to eat away at the dunes below the surf club car park at Sunset Beach some short term measures are now in place before final decisions on the future of the area will be made.
Immediate actions to be taken include a cleanup day to remove major debris from the beach during the week before Labour Weekend. Monitoring of the access routes to the beach from the carpark, as well as the public infrastructure, will be carried out. Health and safety items such as fences, warning signs and barriers, retaining, blocking off or removing of public asset infrastructure, advising and collaborating with stakeholders to try to keep the beach access open are on the agenda.
Discussions on health and safety issues and trying to isolate, minimise or remove major hazards.
A consultation document has been published and can be viewed at:
In November 2015 council will decide on options on offer, and that decision will be put to public consultation between December and February. In March the final decision will be made and published while shortly after that the necessary work will begin.

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