End Of An Era For Photographic Department



It is the end of an era at Kevin’s Unichem Pharmacy in Waiuku, with the closure of the Photographic Department on Christmas Eve, 2015.

Kevin Daly has said that while it was a hard decision to make, it is a
sign of the way technology has changed, with many people storing their
images on their smart phones and computers, as well as ordering prints
online. “This has been a huge indication of how clients’ expectations are
changing, and the way the world has moved towards the digital era.

Closing the photography side of our business is just part of that progression, and we are incredibly sad that we have had to make this choice,” says Kevin. The photography business started over thirty years ago, by Don Barker and Glenn Summerville. Rolls of film were dropped off into the pharmacy, which were then taken via a Road Services’ bus into
Auckland to be processed.

When the demand for film rapidly increased, Barker and Summerville made the decision to purchase their own photo laboratory. A Kopal printing machine was purchased, and the technology used was cutting edge for its time. Over the years Kevin’s photo department has offered many services, including film development, scanned prints, slides, canvas prints and passport photos.

The photo department also provided photo kiosks for same day images.
“Film was the only record of any event that happened. It required patience and for the processor to be extremely careful. For example, you certainly didn’t want to lose any record of someone’s wedding.” Kevin says this was more than self service, as staff were always on hand to provide expert personal assistance. “It is time for us to realise that we
cannot carry on. It is a shame really, as the photographs that have
come through our shop have been absolutely breathtaking. From war memorabilia to weddings, they have all been very interesting.If one thing has come from the closure of the photo department, it is indication that if you don’t support the brick and mortar businesses, they will eventually disappear.”

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