A note from Emma’s desk- 22 August

Elections always bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in people.
Last week, on my daily commute to work, I happened to notice that all the National party signs were vandalised.
While I understand we all have different opinions, and sometimes we want to share them on many different platforms, do you really think that vandalising political signs is a good option?
The vandalism did catch my eye straight away, and I’ll admit, it was slightly amusing.
But my amusement quickly disappeared when I realised that we, the tax-payer, would be fronting up for the cost for a replacement sign.
More than likely the person who displayed their artistic ‘talent’ is a taxpayer themselves.
So, who is the real winner here?
Not only did this ‘artist’ draw attention to a party they obviously disagree with, the sign was replaced anyway.
What a numbskull—you didn’t think that one through very well, did you?
One thing that did stand out though, was I didn’t realise that there was a High School Musical party this election (refer to picture below). Upon further investigation, I stumbled across their ‘values’ which are great. They include ‘Breaking Free’, and ‘We’re all in this together.’
Other parties should take note of what they are saying, as my vote is firmly with them.
All jokes aside, there are a couple of Meet the Candidates opportunities coming up in the Franklin area. Be sure to check out our calendar on page 8 for when and where. The first one is at the Franklin Club this Wednesday evening—see you there!

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