Early wake up call from Civil Defence

The message that many Vodafone customers received early Wednesday morning.

Many Vodafone customers received an ‘emergency alert text message’ in error from the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management on Wednesday 4 October.

At about 1.30am many customers received a test text message that was sent to the public in error, resulting in them being woken from their sleep.
Three messages were sent in total, two nationwide and one to people in and around Auckland.
Civil Defence say the Ministry takes full responsibility for sending this error text message. It was accidentally initiated by one of the overseas technology suppliers, and not Vodafone. It was supposed to be restricted to a contained environment.
New Zealand Civil Defence has apologised and on their Facebook page stated they will “request all testing is carried out during daylight hours in the future.”
If you are a Vodafone customer and are concerned because you didn’t get the alert you don’t need to be worried as not all phones are Cell Broadcast enabled.

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