Do you believe in martians?

Now I don’t mean the ones from the Green Party. I’m thinking the ones with the wobbly bellies and googly eyes that visit us from Mars and Jupiter in silver saucer looking, fast space ships, holding their ray guns.

Some people have even been abducted by aliens. I wonder if one would take us for a trial first to see if we like it? Perhaps we could wait on Paerata Rd into Franklin or at the exit to the Bombay Hills. Zap us up with our welcome gifts to appease any Martian angst. I would take a box of K bars. Green jelly would be good, yet they might get worried as to why we would like to eat that.
In Nevada, which seems the place to go to see or be snatched by an alien, numerous accounts of alien snatchy successes have occurred. I am aware of a dairy cow named Mildred from the Franklin district that was abducted by aliens and was later released by the Martians. Mildred came back as a malteser.

Seriously, Roswell in New Mexico is probably the most famous. True story, Betty and Barney Hill a married couple from New Hampshire, claimed in 1961, they were abducted by a dozen extraterrestrials while driving home from the Niagara Falls. They spotted a U.F.O which took them onto the spaceship. She said they had cat-like eyes and slits for mouths. It might have been Mildred the dairy cow from Franklin aye Betty? Poor Mildred.

I believe something is out there. When I look up at the stars with ambition (and you can too) I see a powerful strong star I first noticed in Southern Portugal. It blinks in various colours. I always believe there must be a great party in space tonight. Wouldn’t it be magnificent if a U.F.O did crash-land somewhere? After CIA, F.B.I and other foreign government involvement the chance to walk in and have a look inside would be champion.

If anyone does have one hidden in their backyards in Franklin can you let us know? We won’t say anything. We can go halves on the U.F.O entrance admission fee.
Look high up into the stars tonight and dream. It’s now your time.

Article and Photograph: Simon Huggett

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