Dig deep for pink week – or just flick a text

It’s time to give your pockets a jingle and donate to the annual Pink Ribbon Appeal.
The Pink Ribbon Appeal is the major fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, and collectors will be in full force on Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14.
Breast Cancer remains the number one cancer faced by Kiwi women, and the Breast Cancer Foundation are on a mission to stop breast cancer dead in its tracks. Their vision is that one day, no one will die of breast cancer due to detection and treatment.
Over 90% of people diagnosed with breast cancer do not have any family history of the disease. Detection is key, but at least 30% of those eligible for free breast screening, haven’t taken the critical step of getting a mammogram done. It’s free for woman aged 45 – 69.
So if you know of any women that fit into that age category, put the pressure on and get them to take action—you could save their life.
If the kids have scavenged all of your coins, or you’re just a hip young (or old) thing, simply text PINK to 4499 to make an automatic $3 donation.

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