Daily Missions



Wednesday 10 May 2017
12.51pm W1 Waikato
Crew tasked to Waikato Hospital for a PICU inter-hospital transfer of a three year old male to Starship Hospital.
1.25pm W2 Aka Aka
Crew tasked to Aka Aka for a male patient in his 60s suffering injuries. He was flown to ACH in a critical condition.
Friday 12 May 2017
406 1.11pm W2 Waiuku
Crew tasked to Waiuku for a 19 month old girl who had a television fall on top of her. She was flown to Starship Hospital (with her mum) in a moderate condition, suffering a leg injury. 
Saturday 13 May 2017
411 3.46pm W1 Waiau Pa
Crew tasked by Ambulance for a 10 year old female patient who had fallen from a horse. She had been dragged a short distance, but was not knocked out and had been wearing a helmet. Crew landed next to the house and flew the patient (and her mum) to Middlemore Hospital in a minor condition.
412 5.17pm W1 Tuakau
Crew tasked by Ambulance to Tuakau for a male patient in his 30s who was suffering a cardiac arrest after collapsing playing soccer. Crew landed on the rugby field at the landing zone set up by the fire service. Crew took over the patient from Ambulance crew and flew the patient to ACH in a critical condition.
Sunday 14 May 2017
417 2.14pm W2 Kaiaua
Crew tasked by Ambulance to Kaiaua for a male patient in his 30s who was involved in a motorbike vs car accident. Crew landed at the scene which was set up by fire personnel. Police were also in attendance. The patient was suffering a nasty fracture and the situation was tense with gang members unhappy at the driver of the other vehicle. Crew flew the motorbike patient to Waikato Base Hospital in a critical condition.
Monday 15 May 2017
422 4.48pm W1 Glen Murray
Crew tasked to a farm at Glen Murray for a male patient who had rolled a spreader truck, suffering a moderate injury. He was flown to Middlemore Hospital. (Picture attached)

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