Crash corner a potential death trap


By Yana O’Gorman –
It is supposed to be a 50kmh zone, and a 35km/h corner, yet judging from the state of several of the resident’s fences on Hamilton Drive in Waiuku, drivers aren’t sticking to those limits.
A recent crash into one property’s fence, is the second in two years. For the neighbours, it’s added to the list of many.
“People are speeding around these corners and losing control, wiping out our fences,” one says.
It’s not the pain of having to file insurance claims that bothers this neigbourhood, it’s the fear that something worse may happen.
While fences can be replaced, people can’t.
This is the thought of several residents the Post Newspaper met with on Thursday 8 June.
“So many young children are walking to school down these streets, parents and their kids, and the elderly,” one resident says. “If a car came speeding through and went off the road someone could die.
“Sooner or later it’s going to happen. We’d like to try to stop it from happening.”
While they have approached council about ways to stop the destruction of property, speed is still an issue.
“Council put in new 35 km/h signs about a year ago, but some drivers still ignore them.”
Police have also done spot checks in the area following the crashes, which was great for a short time, they say.
However, the Hamilton Drive residents want something more permanent.
“Council have said no to judder bars, but if not those, then bollards. We deserve the protection too.”
Drivers who come around the corner too fast are sliding up on the berms and tearing up grass. “Even when they don’t take out our fence, they’re still going over the footpath, which is so dangerous.”
They say it’s not only happening on one side of the road, but both.
“Cars are coming too fast. On a still morning, you can hear them coming up the road,” one says.
“We just want to raise awareness of what is happening on this street in the hope that something is done for the safety of others and so that drivers slow down.”
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Caption: One of the fences after a car came off the road recently. Neighbours are asking for locals to slow down in the area.

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