Country Boys Toys gearing up

Country Boys Toys, a festival held at Aka Aka School, will be back in full swing on Saturday 10 March. The event, held from 10am until 4pm, is a plethora of large machinery, cars and everything country boys like. It is held to lift the profile of Aka Aka School.

Stu Muir, Aka Aka School board chairman and PTA member, says “it’s not really a money making thing as such but just to get people in the community more involved.”
Stu says “we really want to get a bus route put in from Puni to Aka Aka. All the kids are going to Pukekohe while we have some empty classrooms which just defies logic!” The funds raised from this event will support this.
“We are very excited to have helicopter flights over the whitebait habitat restoration project that the school has been involved in,” said Stu. “We also have Jason Bunyan coming to do demonstrations and he is a motor bike speedway champion!”

Country Boys Toys is $10 for adults, free for kids and anyone can attend. Stu says “it will be a great day for everyone! It helps the community and it helps us!”
For more information visit Country Boys Toys on Facebook.

By Jess Paton

Country Boys Toys at Aka Aka School last year.

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