Council targets non-registered dog owners

Auckland Council is calling on dog owners who haven’t renewed their dog registration, to do so or risk a $300 fine.
Dog owners are legally required to register their dog with their local council and renew each year by 1 August.
“Dog registration fees cover services such as animal shelters, rehoming dogs and the cost of keeping Aucklanders safe from dog-related nuisance and harm,” said Councillor Wayne Walker.
Almost 70,000 dog owners have renewed, but around 30,000 known dogs are yet to be registered.
Auckland Council Animal Management Manager, Tracey Moore adds, “There are responsibilities that come with dog ownership. Around 70% of the dogs impounded in Auckland each year, haven’t been registered or de-sexed.”
Council staff will be actively contacting dog owners who haven’t renewed. Renewal can be done online at

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