Council publishes preliminary zoning maps

On December 17, the council published maps of its preliminary position on zoning across Auckland for statutory hearings on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP).

These maps determine where certain types of development can occur so that Auckland’s future growth can be managed in a way that creates a higher quality and more compact Auckland.
The council has made its preliminary zoning maps available to provide submitters and the public with an early indication of the council’s position on proposed changes to the zoning. The main changes proposed are an overall increase in the amount of land zoned Mixed Housing Urban and an overall decrease in the amount of land zoned Single Housing. The amount of land zoned Mixed Housing Suburban remains roughly the same, although changes are proposed to where this zone applies.
The release of the preliminary zoning maps does not allow the council to open up the opportunity for further submissions.
The submission process is set out in the special legislation established by the government for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. The closing date for submissions was February 28, 2014.
You can find council preliminary zoning maps by visiting and if you have any questions relating to these maps, email:

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