Council inspect Recycling bins

Auckland Council is making an effort to encourage residents to recycle the right materials, by inspecting recycling bins.

Parul Sood, Acting General Manager for Waste Solutions at Auckland Council, said a contamination inspection recycling bin program is in place in the Auckland region, including Franklin.

“Some of the most common contamination materials that we find in recycling bins are plastic bags, nappies and food scraps, which should not be placed in the kerbside recycling bins,” she said.

What can be put inside the recycling bins are household plastic containers, cans, glass, paper and cardboard.

Those who put non-recyclable items in recycling bins are doing a disservice to the community and to tax payers, costing them more than $170,000 per year.

Currently the level for incorrect materials placed in recycling bins is at 13% across Auckland. This is a number Auckland Council want to reduce to 5% according to councillor Penny Hulse.

However, some people aren’t recycling, or even putting their rubbish into the bins, instead discarding it on rural roads.

Parul said approximately 20 tonnes of rubbish is collected in Franklin each month by Auckland Council contractors. This includes loose litter, litter in bins and illegal dumping.

” We currently clear roads every two to six months, depending on the road— this is currently being reviewed by Auckland Council,” Parul said.

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