Consenting made easy

By Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore
Changes for Franklin “Consenting Made Easy” is being rolled out through out Auckland. Several things are happening. Digital Consenting is being promoted especially for professional planners and building firms.
This is receiving very favourable comment from participants in the industry. This system is available for all applicants and the on-line system leads you through the process.
You have to complete a section before you can move to the next one. This ensures no required information is missed. Staff will continue to be available in Pukekohe at “hot desks” to assist if needed.
Where and when will be notified well in advance. The southern HQ will be at Kotuku House in Manukau. However, the good folk of Franklin can phone in and book an appointment with a relevant council expert on a planning or consenting matter, and that expert will come at an agreed time and place in Pukekohe, Waiuku, Beachlands or Clevedon.
There will be no charge for travel time. Staff will have flexibility in their working lives. You don’t have to be in the office to work online, and all consenting and RMA applications will be online. Staff will be able to work with applicants who are not familiar with online systems.
A big change will be the statute time frames for consent applications will be measured in live-time. The clock will not be reset to day one every time more information is asked for. In this way, consenting times can be accurately measured.
Consenting is core business for council and we have to get this right. This new system will be flexible and made fit for purpose. Once the initial bedding in is complete if something needs to change to improve the service for the public or for staff it will. Council wants to deliver an efficient, timely positive service to the people of Franklin and to treat our staff well and with respect.

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