Community support leads to title win



Waiuku’s Tony Nelson has gone from being heavily overweight and having his health under pressure to winning an INBA body building title – and he says community support has been invaluable on his journey.
The INBA is a body building federation devoted to natural, no drug enhancements.
“I shifted to the Waiuku Health and Fitness in October 2014. This gym has about 15 members who compete nationally and internationally with everyone getting placed.
Their knowledge and support has been instrumental in keeping on target,” he says.
“Jamie Baker, my personal trainer, focused on strength training while maintaining good technique and making incremental gains. He pushed me hard and had me swearing on many occasions!” Tony added.
“He trained me three times per week. I did an additional three days on top of that with cardio. All up my training was consuming about three hours per day. I also sought an expert in nutrition, Karen McGough, who designed a nutrition program to reduce my body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass,” Tony says.
I came in first place for the INBA Auckland Classic for the Grand Masters 50 + Category.
I am already training for 2016 with an emphasis on keeping a low body fat during this off season and lifting heavier.”
Tony thanks all those who have supported and motivated him over the past few years.

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