Community joins forces for rebuild

After the Pukekohe Pythons Rugby League Club facilities suffered at the hands of vandals last year, the community has come together in the true form of community spirit to rebuild it to its former glory.
located on Beatty Road, has been spearheaded by locals, Nathan Poroa and Tammy Potini, who say the rebuild journey has seen families come together and chip away in their spare time at the jobs that needed completing on the grounds .
“It has been an awesome effort. Vandals destroyed the kitchen facilities and the toilets, it was just shocking. We have had contact from local businesses and organisations who have come forward to help us with this rebuild. It is great to see so many people come on board.”
Just last weekend saw the completion of their storage facilities, all thanks to nominations from the community for the Haier Help Roadshow.
Knowing that everyone has that odd job on the list that there never seems to be enough time or resources to complete, Haier stepped up this winter with their ‘Haier Help’. It is practical renovation or handyman assistance to complete a home, school or community project with New Zealand’s favourite building duo, Dyls and Dylz.
The builders were part of Three’s The Block NZ renovation show last year, and jumped at the chance to be a part of the roadshow.
“The Haier Help roadshow is about being able to give back to our communities and we are glad that we can help out,” said Dylz.
The plight of the Pythons Club was brought to Haier’s attention through the nominations by the community – over 20 people contacted the team asking to be considered for the roadshow.
Dyls and Dylz both agreed that it was ‘pretty stink’ to hear what had happened to the club.While they wished they had enough time to complete the rebuild, they made sure that other jobs that could be completed were done.
On Saturday 29 July, the lads managed to complete the rebuild of the Python’s storage facilities, and also helped plant 26 native trees, and spruced up the bollards that surround the fields with a lick of paint in Python’s colours.
“While I was only ever called in to make the ‘big hits’ in our league games, this (the Pythons) is genuine grassroots league right here. This is where the first aspirations to make it big begins,” said Dyls. “You have to preserve these clubs as all the big players begin right here.”
Both Dyls and Dylz said that it was a good feeling to ‘get the job done’ and to help build people’s dreams. Tammy said the day was about empowering families to take part and ownership for the club.
“It was so neat to see so many come down and lend a hand, especially the kids who all helped where they could. I cannot thank everyone enough.” To finish off the day, the Pythons kids performed a haka for all those who helped out.
Just as the club were coming down from the success of their weekend, it was also announced that they would be receiving a further $10,000 donation from Woodstock NZ League Club Fix Up Campaign.
The vandalism of the facilities could have been end of the club, but due to community ownership and hard working volunteers, the future of the Pukekohe Pythons Rugby League Club is now looking incredibly bright.

Dyls and Dylz (in blue) from The Block NZ with the kids from the Pukekohe Pythons Rugby League Club in front of the storage facility that they helped ensure was water tight and secure for their gear.

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