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Have your SayIn the rush to provide much needed additional housing in Auckland, some thought needs to be made as to what sort of city is being created with houses now being squeezed onto every bit of land available. Both older suburbs and new subdivisions are starting to resemble the worst aspects of Victorian era housing in some areas, with houses crammed questionably close to each other, along with developers creating roads so narrow that if two cars are parked opposite each other on either side of them, larger vehicles such as emergency service vehicles, may not be able to get through.
The issues resulting from the flurry of hastily built poor quality leaky home apartments from the late 1990s and early 2000s should also be kept in mind with trying to create a quick fix for housing, but ultimately creating new bigger problems later on.
With Auckland bursting at the seams and the rest of the country largely empty population wise, the Government needs to encourage more people and businesses to relocate into the regions before the city of sails becomes the city of slums.
I. Broome, Pukekohe

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