Classic Motorcycle Festival approaches

Words by Andy McGechan

It could be considered a walk down memory lane, but it’s likely to be a lot quicker than a mere stroll.
The 39th annual Classic Motorcycle Festival, set for Pukekohe Park Raceway on the weekend of February 3-4, is sure to bring tears to a few eyeballs, either as former racers share funny moments from their past and recall distant memories, or from racers still active, still keen to prove themselves on the race track. Or perhaps eyes will merely moisten slightly as enthusiasts survey some of the truly classic bikes that will be on show over the two days.
Whichever category you fit into, the host New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register (NZCMRR) promises that this event will certainly be high-class entertainment.
NZCMRR president Ken McGeady said that while this event is the opening round of their 2018 race series, it is unlike most other race meetings.
“It’s more than just a race meeting,” he said. “It’s a celebration of motorcycling history and has quite a different atmosphere.”
The bikes on display, and racing on the track, will include various models of bikes from famous factories all over the world.
The pit area will be open to the public and recreate a bygone era, where the fans can mingle with the bikes and riders, taking their photographs and getting autographs while talking with their heroes. Racing will continue throughout the two days with classes from Vintage to Pre 1989.
“We are over-subscribed in terms of racer entries, but that’s probably a good problem to have. Since the NZCMRR recently combined with the New Zealand Post Classic Association, our numbers have ballooned.
“We have amalgamated some classes to cater for the extra numbers.”

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