Christmas Display to ‘fade away’?



Have your SayChristmas has been and gone again, and once more, Jim and Phyl have blessed our town’s people, and many who don’t come from Waiuku, with the wonderful Christmas Display in the Town Hall.
I read that it is their last display. After all these years of bringing joy to so many, these two people surely deserve to be named and famed ‘Persons of the Year’. I have watched train loads of young and old being brought into our town to visit this great display. It can’t just stop! If no one person can take it on, surely one of our service clubs can work something out. This is too good to fade away. Come on, Waiuku! This deserves to be carried on, and Jim and Phyl need to be recognised for the time they have spent to bring so much joy to so many. I have enjoyed watching this display for years, and even at my old age, am awed by it. Surely it can’t fade away?

Grace M. Waiuku

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