Championship win for Karin

Karin Tempelhoff (centre), a national karate title winner and now coach at theHenderson Dojo.

Karin Tempelhoff (centre), a national karate title winner and now coach at theHenderson Dojo.

When Karin Tempelhoff first began karate as a five year old for self defence, it wasn’t a sport that she instantly liked.

Now, the Pukekohe resident has just competed in the World Goju Ryu Karate Championships U50 Division, and won.
Karin never thought that she would continue on with the sport after taking a break.
However after moving to New Zealand when she was 14 years old, she was reintroduced to the sport. Now the talented competitor has many National and International wins and placings under her belt.
Not only has Karin represented New Zealand in the National Karate Team, she has also won and placed in many Australian competitions, and is currently aiming for the World Karate Federation Championships in Austria next year.
While she enjoys the competition side of Karate, Karin says there are several other reasons why she reconnected with the sport and continues to enjoy it.
“I love the discipline Karate teaches you. It is really great for children, and has great social aspect to it. Quite often you will find parents entering their children for lessons, and then shortly after, they will join as well,” says Karin.

Karin is now training at the West Wave Aquatic Centre in Henderson, West Auckland and has currently taken on a coaching role at the Henderson Dojo.
“It started off just helping several of the girls at competitions and it has become an incredibly rewarding role. I never thought I would enjoy coaching this much, and it is really great to see my charges progress.
“I am really looking forward to their up and coming competitions, as several are in the New Zealand team, and to see how far they can go.”

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