Celebrating 10 years

Franklin Hospice’s shop celebrated its 10th birthday on June 10, 2018. Up until a couple of weeks ago the shop was called ‘Simply Giving,’ but it has been rebranded and is now called the ‘Franklin Hospice Shop.’ The new signage was done by Niki from The Creation Space.

Gael Coles and Shirley Roberts, who have both been Hospice volunteers for 21 years now, said “it’s a great achievement for Hospice and all volunteers involved!” These two long serving volunteers are probably the only ones that have been there since the start! “We’re like originals now,” they laughed. “Almost like furniture!” They said Vicki Burton, who has been the shop manager for almost three years, “does a great job.” The Franklin Hospice Shop is located at 29 King Street, Pukekohe.

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