Cat Attacked In Malicious Act

Devon and Karin Cox with Hokey, who was attacked two weeks ago in what has been described as a cruel and malicious act.

Devon and Karin Cox with Hokey, who was attacked two weeks ago in what has been described as a cruel and malicious act.

A Pokeno family is devastated after finding out their cat suffered injuries that could not be described as anything other than a malicious attack.
On the evening of Tuesday, November 10, Karin Cox and her family found Hokey, their spayed, ginger tabby, in pain and with only partial use of her back legs.

“We found it quite odd that she wasn’t waiting for us when we got home that evening, as she doesn’t venture far from our house. When she came home later that night, the first thing I thought was silly cat, getting into fights. But by the morning, I could see there was something very wrong,” explained Karin.

The family took her to Franklin Vets first thing the next morning after her condition had not improved over night.
After ruling out being hit by a car and a cat fight, the vets were stunned by the ginger tabby’s injuries, as there was no external trauma or abrasions.

“Apparently Hokey had been picked up or dragged by her tail, and then been swung with such force that it has severed her spinal cord and damaged nerves in her pelvis. Our vet was so horrified once she came across the damage that she had to get a second opinion from a fellow vet. She just couldn’t believe that someone had done this.” It was touch and go for the next few days, as the veterinarians tried to establish whether Hokey would have bladder and bowel control, and if they needed to amputate her tail.

The little ginger feline is a fighter and is making a gradual recovery; however, there is a possible chance that Hokey may not gain the full use of her back legs and tail. After discussing Hokey’s situation with the local constable, Karin took to Facebook to see if anyone knew of the incident and was overwhelmed by the Pokeno community’s response. Some residents even offered financial assistance to help pay for the vet bill.
“Our community is just so generous, and while the offer of financial assistance is amazing, we didn’t feel comfortable taking their money. We just wanted to raise as much awareness as possible.”
Karin doesn’t understand how someone could perform such a cruel act to a defenceless animal.

“She has never ventured far from our house, so if someone had a problem with her, why not just spray her with a water pistol or go door knocking? We have now been left with a vet bill and having to explain to my children that someone has abused their pet and try to fathom why. If you have a problem, talk about it, and a simple sorry would go a long way.”

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