Candidates meet as election nears

The election rolls around every three years. For those who argue that politics is boring, think again, as this year has been one of the juiciest ever. With shock confessions and resignations, it’s like something out of a TV drama.

However, no matter how much is printed or broadcast about the election, it seems the public’s interest is not there.

On Tuesday night 29 August, the Franklin Christian Lobby hosted a ‘meet the candidates’ evening. I would love to say that the Hunua electorate showed up in force to listen and ask pressing questions, but unfortunately there were only a few, and the diversity of those who attended the meeting was… not very diverse.

Speaking on behalf of my generation as I have been forced to do, (feel free to show up to a meeting and be the spokesperson). I feel that “Millennials” are the first to complain about how the generations before them have failed and left them with nothing. Yet when the opportunity comes to prove themselves, to show their interest, there’s nothing but empty seats. Yes, life is busy, but as I said at the start, the election only happens once every three years, so make an effort.

We need to make informed decisions, we need to do research. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your future. We are all given a voice, and a vote, so let’s use it. The people I spoke to at the evening, found it “eye-opening,” and even I came away with a clearer understanding of the parties, their policies and the people who were standing as representatives for this area.

Turnout from the youngest voters has always been low. In the 2014 general election, only 47 per cent of people aged 18-29 voted. Meanwhile 87 per cent of people over 65 voted.
We all get it, politics is hard and confusing and sometimes there’s a lot of mud slinging to put us off. However there are tools out there to help you understand.

If you’re unsure of party policies and what they stand for, go to . It’s an interactive website that asks you where you stand on important issues and gives you an idea of what parties have similar views.

Tuesday’s meeting introduced the candidates, Andrew Bayly (National), Baljit Kaur (Labour), Ian Cummings (Independent), Jon Reeves (New Zealand First), Anthony Smith (ACT). Barry Coates from the Green Party attended on behalf of Phil McCabe, and David Hay from The Opportunities Party and Kevin Stitt from the Conservatives, who were there for the party vote.

Questions from the floor ranged from party policies on 1080, to the gender pay gap. There was also a discussion on Maori parliamentary seats and David Seymour’s End of Life Choice (Euthanasia) bill. Final topics presented were transport to the airport, and possible party coalitions.

Election day is Saturday 23 September, but advance voting is open from Monday 11 September.

Baljit Kaur (Labour), Barry Coates (Green), Kevin Stitt (Conservatives), David Hay (The Opportunities Party), Ian Cummings (Independent), Andrew Bayly (National), Anthony Smith (ACT), and Jon Reeves (New Zealand First) at the Meet the Candidates meeting on Tuesday 29 August.




















Advance Voting Places

If you want to vote before election day, for any reason, you can. Here is a list of when and where advance voting places will be open in your electorate. These may not be open on election day, so check carefully.

Pukekohe Pukekohe Netball Centre, Bledisloe Park,

Queen Street

Fri 15 Sep 10am – 4pm
Sat 16 Sep 9am – 3pm
Sun 17 Sep 9am – 3pm
Mon 18 Sep – Tue 19 Sep 10am – 5pm
Wed 20 Sep 10am – 6pm
Thu 21 Sep 10am – 7pm
Fri 22 Sep 9am – 4pm
Pukekohe Pukekohe Worship & Community Centre, 1 Tobin Street Mon 11 Sep – Fri 15 Sep 10am – 4pm
Mon 18 Sep – Tue 19 Sep 10am – 5pm
Wed 20 Sep – Thu 21 Sep 10am – 6pm
Fri 22 Sep 9am – 4pm
Tuakau Tuakau Town Hall, 70 George Street Mon 11 Sep – Fri 15 Sep 10am – 3:30pm
Sat 16 Sep 10am – 2pm
Mon 18 Sep – Wed 20 Sep 10am – 3:30pm
Thu 21 Sep – Fri 22 Sep 10am – 4:30pm
Waiuku Waiuku Netball Centre, Kitchener Road Fri 15 Sep 10am – 4pm
Sat 16 Sep 9am – 3pm
Sun 17 Sep 9am – 3pm
Mon 18 Sep – Tue 19 Sep 10am – 5pm
Wed 20 Sep 10am – 6pm
Thu 21 Sep 10am – 7pm
Fri 22 Sep 9am – 4pm

Election Day Voting Places

On election day, Saturday 23 September, all voting places will be open from 9.00am until 7.00pm. The busiest time of day is usually 9.00am – 11.00am.

Awhitu Awhitu District School, corner Matakawa & Awhitu Roads
Bombay Bombay School, 35 Paparata Road
Buckland Buckland School, 72 George Crescent
Clarks Beach Church By The Seashore, 14-16 Torkar Road
Drury Drury School Hall, Young Crescent
Glenbrook Glenbrook Primary School, 459 Glenbrook Road
Hunua Hunua School, 39 Lockwood Road
Karaka Karaka School Hall, 12 Blackbridge Road
Karaka Te Hihi School Hall, 767 Linwood Road (corner Batty Road)
Mauku Mauku School, 389 Union Road
Paerata Paerata Community Centre, 1022 Paerata Road
Patumahoe Patumahoe Community Church, 31 Patumahoe Road
Pukekohe Pukekohe East School, 137 Runciman Road
Pukekohe Pukekohe Hill School, corner Ward Street & Green Lane
Pukekohe Pukekohe Intermediate School, 44 Queen Street
Pukekohe Pukekohe North School, corner Princes Street & Beatty Road
Pukekohe St Josephs Primary School, 94 Seddon Street
Pukekohe The Playhouse Pre-School, 41 Twomey Drive, Newsham Park
Pukekohe Valley School, East Street
Pukeoware Pukeoware School, 479 Baldhill Road
Puni Puni School, 357 Waiuku Road
Ramarama Ramarama School, 126 Ararimu Road
Tuakau Tuakau Primary School, 6 School Road
Waiau Pa Waiau Pa School, Events Centre, 571 Waiau Pa Road
Waipipi Waipipi School, 100 Creamery Road
Waiuku Sandspit Road School, 60 Sandspit Road
Waiuku View Road School, 16 View Road
Waiuku Waiuku College, 43 Constable Road
Waiuku Waiuku Primary School, George Street




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