Cam Back In Action After Accident



Cameron Balle has always thrown himself 100 percent into any job that is given to him.The former Tuakau College student was born with only half an arm on his left side, and has never let it affect him.

Coming from a large family of growers, horticulture was in his blood. This saw Cam pursue a full time career in this sector when he finished school. However, after suffering from an accident in 2015, Cam nearly lost his independence altogether.

A split second saw Cam catch his ‘good’ arm in a work place accident
in May 2015. “I was incredibly lucky not to lose my arm. It was just holding together and I ended up having parts of my leg taken out and put into my arm. I had 16 hours of surgery in two days.”

It has been a long, but steady, road to recovery for Cam. He has had to regain everyday functions of his arm, and says it was the little things that were difficult, like making a cup of coffee, something that he used to take for granted. With three operations down and another three to go, the 25 year old is now back at work part time, and enjoying having his independence back. “My aim was to be able to feed myself Christmas dinner and I managed to achieve that just fine. It was great,” laughs Cam.

“My employers have been great and I am very lucky to have had my family and especially my partner, Michaela, who gave me their undivided support.” Cam has been with his current employer for the last two years, and says he has finally found his place in the world. “They accepted me
as who I am and when they hired me, I actually felt like they weren’t doing me a favour. Their support through my accident and recovery has
been incredible, and it is so good to be back working, even if it is part time at this stage.”

While Cam says that his accident wasn’t the ‘most ideal’ thing to go through,the experience has left him feeling thankful. “I have come away being so grateful for just the little things, like making a cuppa or being able to drive myself. We take so much for granted, and I feel that
sharing my story will help remind people to stop and be thankful, as in a
split second, it can all be taken away from you.”

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