Bye bye roof!

When Hayley Parsons answered the phone last Monday afternoon, she was shocked to hear that a mini tornado had torn through her Clarks Beach home.

Wind gusts of more than 100km whipped around the Clarks Beach property. Several windows in the house were blown in, a section of the roof blew off, and scaffolding took a tumble.

“She’s a pretty sturdy old thing, so we were hoping the damage wasn’t too bad. We found three sections of roof in the water about 400 metres away, and you can see exactly where the twister touched down in the paddock,” said Hayley.

The 106 year old historic villa was sited onto Wharf Road earlier this year, after travelling from Palmerston North in five pieces. A major renovation is underway with an expected completion date of September next year. However, that timeline may now need to be rejigged.

With ten bedrooms, the immediate concern was to get the building watertight once more. Builders worked quickly to lay tarps over the roof opening.

Hayley adds, “Native timbers feature in the interior and we wanted to ensure those were protected as quickly as possible.”

In Palmerston North when all of the action happened, Hayley was trying to get herself back up to Auckland to inspect the damage. However that proved challenging due to the jet fuel shortage.


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