Butter prices

The price we pay for New Zealand butter is $6 or more for 500 grams.
We all need a certain amount of butter a day, to balance body functions.
Fonterra just paid $8million to Theo Spierings their executive. This equals a $160,000 per week raise.
Have they lost the real plight in this country?
Let’s get sane—drop the butter price. Children and older folk need butter. It’s cheaper in overseas countries.
Norma, Waiuku. 

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  1. Phillip Bryan Morgan says:

    Hi Butter is at a All time high I have just read that the price is $8 to $9 Dollars For 350g ? IS it not time for the New Zealand Government step in to bring down cost of Butter OR better still drop the GST no all Food. Sincerely Hard up Pensioner.

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